This month we traveled to Denver for a week long adventure and short event.

We had an awesome 6,000+ people in attendance. It really blew me away how much it has grown in such a short time! This isn't counting members that were not able to make it! Imagine that!

The best part of my travels was being with family and also getting the millionaire's ring for being one of the top income earners in the company. It took a long time to finally get to where I wanted but if you know my story I started with absolutely nothing. Watch my video here

Check out some pics below.

We also gathered as a team on Monday for the whole day to talk about various things. We discussed mindset to success, secret resources we as leaders use, practice exercises and more. Best of all we got to network, learn and be inspired.

Take some massive action today and be a part of all this to make your own story…

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These are some of our super women! Every event they get together for a luncheon to catch up, exchange ideas, meet new members and support one another. They are the funnest and rowdiest of the bunch but we highly enjoy having them and they truly bring some positive energy and awesome stories to the table.
But what is travel without a little fun? I got to spend some days out with the family enjoying the open air and legit views of Denver. I highly recommend you go there if you get the chance! 

Now for some Team Shouts Outs!

As you will see… it's not just myself getting results. Below are some of my members who are blowing it up and making the life they want:

Avram and Nikki:
– $44,050 in sales for the month of July
– Hit the  $120K in income totals on (July 30th)

Heather Nichols:
– First $3k day while hanging at the farmer's market with the kids!
– Doubled her list in 3 days

Carl Willis:
– Had 2 consecutive days of 2 sales a day within a week of the Denver event

Brian Couch:
– Ranked #1 for the keyword “MLM Online” in Youtube
– Made 2 15K Formula Sales
– Got 323 people in a Facebook group participating to communicate, share and support each other's content.

These are just very few of my team members that have been able to make it happen. You can too!


Online Income Stats:

  • Empower – $34,213.97
    • is one of my bigger streams of income and one I've been pretty passively building since 2011 part time as a mechanical engineer
  • Other Income Streams (~$10,000) 

    • I teach and retail a lot of different trainings and products and collectively they pay me through different merchants and Pay pal accounts.

Build your OWN future and I'll be here to support you with our team, and systems. Let me show you that the above is possible for you too.
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