So every month I post a newsletter to keep you up to date with what is going on in the business, travels family and fun random stuff. 

This past month was a time for kids to go back to school and for the summer heat to continue. I can't wait till fall sets in! Change is coming!


I traveled to Hawaii with my family; It's become a tradition that every year we all travel together no matter what. My sis will be moving soon to California to start her Dentistry career as a doctor, so it was a great way for everyone to be together.

Do you have any family traditions? If so, share with me. I am curious to know how others come together.

As you know, I am a big family man and they are and always will be my reason for getting ahead and doing I need to do to make sure they are OK. Watch my video where I explain further here

Check out some pics below.

Of course there was food… 
Oh Boy…
Soon after returning my kiddo's got ready to start off the year at a new school. My son was a little worried since he didn't know anyone and wasn't familiar with the teacher but she did something awesome for him that I am certain he won't forget. She gave him magic confetti to put under his pillow to help him sleep through the night so he will have a great first day of school…she rocks. The reason I mention this is because it's important to always provide a positive message or experience in someone's life. It's something I try to do with everyone especially when it comes to showing them that what I have achieved they can to.

Take action and create your own positive and real experience with me.

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One of the most favorite activities that I got to participate in was flying to Vegas to do a 3 day workshop with my fellow colleagues Chris, Arthur and  Peter. I absolutely enjoy teaching people, breaking down systems to recreate and providing a new perspective. I sent out several invites with tickets for you to access and potentially join. If you missed this event, no worries there will be plenty more coming up. Just make sure to check your emails often. There is a picture below with all the cities of the next events that you can attend. You can get tickets HERE
Get tickets HERE

Now for some Team Shouts Outs!As you will see… it's not just myself getting results. Below are some of my members who are blowing it up and making the life they want:

Avram and Nikki: 
Hit #10 in last 7 days of income in all of our teams
Was featured and spoke to thousands on our Monday night call.

Brian Couch:
Had a $4,000 day in his business

Ranked on Youtube #1 for Wealthy Mindset Map

 Ryan & Kenee' Payne
Started from 0 in August and ended up with 183 subscribers by the end of the month.

Kristie Ching
Made $5125 in sales in one day for the first time

These are just very few of my team members that have been able to make it happen. You can too!


Online Income Stats:

  • Empower – $ 45,095
    •  is one of my bigger streams of income and one I've been pretty passively building since 2011 part time as a mechanical engineer
  • Other Income Streams (~$10,000) 

    • I teach and retail a lot of different trainings and products and collectively they pay me through different merchants and Pay pal accounts.

Build your OWN future and I'll be here to support you with our team, and systems. Let me show you that the above is possible for you too.


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