April 2013 Update

INCOME Online (excluding offline streams):**as always income disclaimer – results are not typical and are MY results**
  • Empower – $54,730
    • is one of my bigger streams of income and one I've been pretty passively building since 2011 part time as a mechanical engineer
  • Personal Coaching – $75,000 + (turned down)
    • I have decided to turn DOWN larger client based coaching due to time commitments and wanting to spend more time with my kids and wife.
  • Other Income Streams (10+) – ~$10,000 
    • I teach and retail a lot of different trainings and products and collectively they pay me through different merchants and paypal accounts. 
Biz Stuff:
  • Empower – spoke in front of about 4,000 people in Chicago and shook hundreds if not thousands of people's hands. Best thing was people saying “Lawrence, You Inspire Me”
    • My Speech Live In Chicago (will post soon. stay tuned)

    • The giant check I got on stage (income disclaimer – results are not guaranteed but was part of training my self to be successful part time)

  • Live Houston Event June 1-2, 2013 – Meet me LIVE!!!!!
  • Working on 3 different funnels with high end marketers
  • Testing 7 different traffic sources
  • Hiring 2 more employees
  • Creating 2 products
  • Preparing a high end course for internet marketers who make more than $30k/month
  • Just broke 11,000 total friends and subscribers on facebook
    go ahead and friend me here -> https://www.facebook.com/lawrencemlm
  • Our 300 PLUS members who spent about $5k on our marketing system was CRANKING it in Chicago
  • Then we had 600+ people packing it out in our TEAM event in Chicago (check out the white board signature of people who attended)
  • Check out our Woman's Lunch
    we only had enough space for 70 on short notice but it was AWESOME!!!!

So look.. I'm a real guy..

  • family man, 3 kids (youngest 10months old) and happily married
  • work my business PART TIME to show it CAN BE DONEI would say.. figure out your “WHY” for wanting to build anything.. why do you want freedom? My little boy, lawson, is one of them and why I send you emails and want to connect to you on a HUMAN level.

my little man Lawson (name derived from people calling me LAW = Law + Son)

Take some massive action

– Join my team – http://www.33andRetired.com
– See me in Houston June 1-2, 2013 – 
*income disclaimer these are my own personal stats and only use show you what I'm doing and no guarantee you will achieve this*


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