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  1. I have been following your emails, however, I have yet to contact you because as you know there are so many fakes on the net, selling nothing!!! I have to continue my research of some of the different on-line marketing training, but I have to say you are very high on my list.

  2. Hi Lawrence, I have been following your e-mails. However, I have been kind of reluctant to get in touch with you. As you know, there are a lot of fakes out there. Great pictures and Beautiful family, Congratulations. I am wondering if your on line marketing mentoring and strategies will help my up coming – new on line business grow. I am going to need to increase traffic to my website right away.
    Please let me know what do you think.
    Thank You

  3. Hi Lawrence, I have been following your e-mails. But I've been kind of reluctant to get in touch with you because as you know there are a lot fake people out there. Great pictures .You look like you have a wonderful family . Congratulations. I would like to find out more about how the your online marketing training or couching works. I am starting a new on line business with two produt lines and it will be great if I can draw a lot people to my Website.

  4. When all the kids like you 😉

    Here is more information to what I've done and numbers to back it up.

    I train online marketing to help people make a splash online. if you can follow direction and learn then there is no reason you can't surpass what I've done in this industry.

    Just stick with a mentor and learn the shortcuts unless you like the long scenic route.

  5. The odds are good but it's not sure. How do you get classified as “cool” ?
    What is this marketing system?

  6. Trust is a big factor but your only real options is to follow someone who knows what they are doing or continue to learn at your own pace. It's really up to them. I don't force education onto people. When the time is right for them they will generally open up and contact me to let me into their world and let me help them.

  7. We have been following your emails (the pictures you posted has given us reason to believe you are genuine person). We own 2 home base/internet businesses, and we realize that we are antiquated in our knowledge of internet marketing strategies. We have a very hard time trying to decipher what is our first step to directing traffic to our websites and whom to trust in the multitude of email offers that we receive daily.

  8. When marriage changed my Daughters name to Lawrence she became Tammy Lawrence. At first, I thought it was her just messing with me but now I know we are not related – Well, you and me I mean. I am related to my Daughter of course. Anyway, that's the only reason I am interested. You look like a nice happy family though. What was it that you wanted to happen? Sometimes I don't pay enough attention.

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