Wall of Shame – The Spammers Of The Net

This wall here is dedicated to the thousands of emails I get and some are just crazy bad.

Who in their right mind would say “oK!”

This is NOT how you build a business especially if your trying your hand online.


What do these people get from me? I click the SPAM button.

I'll start it off here and by all means if you have your own post it as a comment.


no junk mail

Add To the Wall of Shame

  • Hi  ,
    This is CXXXX GXXXX here in Ohio,
    I am emailing to ask if you would be open to work with me, one of the top
    people in the online business for network marketing?
  • (phone call) – Listen. If I join your business you then will join mine?
  • Hello,I just found this in the internet and i love their products and the compensation plan.Take a look at this. It pays you to visit the site and teaches you the right way to earn millions.Hope you like it too.
  • You have to look at my business that give you FREE AAA, FREE BBB, FREE CCC…. (substitute AAA, BBB, CCC with anything you want. Groceries, Juice, Soap…)
  • This is my second invitation for you to earn $50.00 for just signing up for free at the following link. Is that a deal or what?
  • You can start a great business with zero-out-of-pocket expence and learn how to generate huge monthly income. You can sign up right here: website (yes, did have a miss spelling and spammed their personal contact list. I can be mean an REPLY ALL)
  • Dear Lawrence,Pls l need a laptop can u send me one.Thank you.
    • Dear Lawrence,With the Laptop l can do this work at home.pls try for me thank you.
    • you refused to send me laptop do not send to me again.
    • Kemdirim A.
  • No more Internet scams and MLM schemes
  • I am inviting you to join www.abc.com – a social networking portal with lot of features.
  • E commerce feature that makes every member a Millionaire
  • OPPORTUNITY OF LIFETIME – Special Offer For Leaders. (thanks [email protected] for the spam!!!!)

If you find the wall of shame hilarious by all means send in your best in the comments below.

I'm always looking for a good laugh.

Comment Below With Yours



Engineering Your Success,

Lawrence Tam







47 thoughts on “Wall of Shame – The Spammers Of The Net

  1. Myra says:

    This is crazy & sad at the same time, lol… Whenever I start thinking back about how I used to spam my friends and family with my business offers, something like this will make me feel a whole lot better! ?

  2. Lawrence Tam says:

    Got this on facebook… dying laughing

    6/1, 12:30am
    Baba Yusuf Spell Caster
    Authority is king! The spell that i provide is the ultimate fast results, It can be hard to find the exact spell caster you need, when you don’t know what to look for in a professional spell caster. The best spell casters are not easy to pick out! Many hearts are broken every day and many people suffer in vain. Don’t be one of them. Let me help you with your case. My powerful spells can STOP A DIVORCE and much more! and I am considered one of the most powerful spell casters with black magic. I can help you. I have a big range of powerful spells to use for your needs. What outcome do you want? You might wonder how the spells will affect you? Will the spell be helpful? YES! The spells I cast for you will not have any unwanted side effects such as bad Karma. As long as the intentions are pure out of love as I am sure they are, right?. Magic is actually an energy from mother earth that can be controlled. You yourself might even be able to do it after years of practice. I give 100% in every spell casting and as a professional I make sure all goes right. I give 100% to make you are satisfied with my service.especially in the fields of Love, Money, Power, Success, Sickness, Pregnancy, Marriage, Job, Protection, Lottery, Court Case, Luck. etc. provide the information below INFORMATION NEEDED:

  3. Anna says:

    I had the following exchange yesterday/today… I know you’re not supposed to answer emails like this but I was having a bad day and wanted to have some fun. ..
    Read from bottom to top

    My Dear,

    I am more than happy in your reply to my mail.How is your day? Mine is a little bit Cold over here My Name is Clara Dagba I’m 23,from Côte d’Ivoire,5.1ft tall,Fair in complexion,(never married before)and presently i am residing in CHARITY ORGANIZATION HOME here in dakar Senegal,as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country.My late father Dr.Leki Dagba,was the managing director of Leki and Associates(Ltd) and he was the personal advice to the former head of state before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood.It was only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way to a near by country where i am living now in a refugee camp,and this computer is belonging to a reverend that has a church here in the camp.I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently.I will tell you more about myself in my next mail.Attached here is my
    pictures.Hoping to hear from you soonest


    On Tue, 5/13/14, ME wrote:

    Subject: Aw: HI
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 6:18 AM

    Hello Clara,

    Many thanks for your kind email.

    It made my day!

    Let me introduce myself. I am a Nigerian prince and
    millionaire, however my money is currently frozen in a bank
    account in Switzerland. As you say it is God plan to us, you
    are to chosen one to go and retrieve it and i will like
    contact you directly because I admire your excellent way of express
    and think you are the one to go and retrieve the money so we
    can build an awesome future that’s totally gonna rock.
    Please, my smart little one, just transfer 20.000 dollars
    admin fee to my lawyer so you can later go get the millions.
    Don’t ask any questions, just pay, my dear hottie. Also
    send me a naked pic of yourself even before you pay, and
    give me your credit card number.


    Prince Blabla-Spoof the 67th (you can call me Al)

    Gesendet: Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014 um 13:52
    Von: [email protected]
    An: Kein Empfänger
    Betreff: HI

    How are you doing today and how is everything over there
    together with your
    health? i hope that you area in good condition of health, i
    want to use this
    opportunity to introduce myself to you. My Name is Clara. i
    know you maybe
    surprise on how i got your email address. it is God plan to
    us. i got your mail
    today when i was browsing searching for a good friend. so i
    decide to drop
    these few line of massage to you. please i will like you to
    contact me directly
    to my email address so that i will send o my photo and tell
    everything about me and i will also like to know more about
    you. thanks for
    your understand and i will be hoping to hear from you
    Yours Clara.

  4. Tom Lincoln says:

    This one came in my facebook chat message this morning. I could not believe someone would ask me this. Thank You for a place to put it.

    “Listen, It’s clearly not for you, but I wanted to ask, since I’m looking for sharp people to join my team, do you know anyone who is ambitious, money motivated, looking for residual monthly income using a simple system like I have? If you do, feel free to pass on my contact info to them or let me know!”

  5. vaswani janki says:

    please note, always you people mention that there are comissions in your account but when i try to open i do not see the pay check instead only vedios, why? please send checks payable to: vaswani janki the hong kong society for the blind, 6/f. east wing, 248 nam cheung street, sham shui po, kowloon, hong kong. via ordinary mail, do not attach paycheck with emails. thanks. regards, vaswani janki.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      i can’t stop laughing…. to think this is a copy of a spam mail or that you are actually requesting a commission

  6. I’m still wondering why you didn’t send me a laptop Lawrence… I clearly thought it was a reasonable request?

    AKA: Kemdirim


    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      maybe i can send my beat up one where my kids played the HECK out of it…

  7. KellyCannonDeBorda says:

    spooon Exactly! Because that’s why I’ve worked so hard to grow my followers…

  8. spooon says:

    KellyCannonDeBorda  so like WHO would do that right???? sure… i’ll spam my people for you…. hahahah

  9. KellyCannonDeBorda says:

    I get a lot of tweet-spam – I like these:  Thanks for Following me!  Please share my amazing opportunity with your followers! (It Works body wraps was her “amazing opportunity)

  10. Heather Ruhe says:

    I love the t.v. show Sons of Anarchy, SAM Crow. Do you think they’ll let me in with a BMW motorcycle? Could you send me one please? *wink*. I don’t think I’ll make it as an outlaw, but some people definitely think MLM ranks the same. We are all out in life learning. It’s not about what we can learn, but what we can teach. Good Job Lawrence & Ride on!

  11. Nathan Blake says:

    Did you really make the money that you are talking about since October of last year, and if so can I do it as well if I do what you did?

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      yes i really did…

      google me and your going to see my results..

      i have no clue what your capable of.. but failure was not an option for me.. i wanted OUT of engineering.. so now i’m retired at 34 now 😉

  12. Marcin says:

    Hey Lawrence, I love the quality content you provide, great work and testimony to the industry. I found you on MLSP leaderboard and looks like I will be coming for more. Keep rocking.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      living a life of freedom is one everyone should have… dive into the training and learn from those who can help 😉

  13. Jussi Hemlund says:

    Here’s an Email I received the other day. It made me laugh.
    Count the spelling mistakes. lol
    “I’ve got to tell you about the HOTTEST home
    business opportunity that is blaszing across the net
    like wildfire. EVERYONE is joining this one…
    and for good reason!
    Every single day a HUGE pool of MONEY builds up
    as more and more people pile in. That pool of money is then paid
    out on a first come, first served basis until it’s gone.
    Those who get in first get a bigger share. Those who get in first
    AND jump ahead of those you didn’t act fast enough yesterday
    get an even BIGGER share!
    I’ve never seen anyting like this… but what I have seen is without
    doing ANYTHING but joining my commission balance is growing
    fast and I’m making money!
    There is a tremendous opportunity behind sharing this
    thing and I think …
    You should check it out now!”

  14. Josh Boxer says:

    Here’s one:

    It’s like, What the?? Forex?

    This is the fastest way to profit in Forex

    Congratulations! Friend,

    I will give you the keys to my financial future right now.
    GENIUS! let me show you exsactly how you can also generate $13,303
    Forex Profit Days Starting Today…

    Your copy of Rapid Forex Profits is now available to download.

    click here to get your copy:


    This is a proven and tested method that enables you to make a fortune trading
    currencies without doing the hard work.

    Sounds to be good to be true huh?

    Well let my friend Robert explain it to you here:


    Today is a very important day for you.

    Make sure you listen to Robert’s very important video.

    All the best, Robert Carslake

    PS. Robert has added a no questions asked 60 day
    money back refund policy to this… Which eliminates
    any risk and eases your fears.

    He is so confident that you will make money today
    that he insists that you ask for a refund if you don’t

    Life doesn’t get much better than that.

  15. Hello 🙂

    I get all kinds of weird e-mail. That kind of spam, and the kind that says my Uncle in a country I have never heard of has left me a large sum of money – but I must send a release fee. (?)


    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      stuff is hilarious and actually doesn’t bother me anymore. take it as it is (weak marketing) 😉

  16. Al Seward says:

    Lol good list…that was funny!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      we all get some 😉

  17. Darren Spruyt says:

    LMAO! There’s no words for this bro.. It’s just plain hilarious. It’s really sad to see so many people who needed to be educated on what marketing is though…

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      let me see your best shot! I’m sure you got some wild stuff coming to your email box and website 😉

  18. Eric Goldman says:

    Hi Lawrence,

    These were really funny.  Thanks for the laugh.


    1. Lawrence Tam says:

       add to the stash!

  19. David Wood says:

    lol.  dude this is hilarious, I should do this too – might just have to copy you here, genius.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      hahah, your welcome!

  20. lmfao, shut up these are real???? I’m going to start reading my spam box for a good laugh. Maybe I’ll find one that has a real person sending it that is willing to change their ridiculousness.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      this is as legit as it comes. there are some great “gems” in my inbox. I gotta remember to not hit spam before I rip it and post it here.

  21. Brian Rakowski says:

    Hey Lawrence,

    This is a great idea!

    I don’t even open all of the ones that I get, but I think one of the driving factors in all of this are tools like LeadNet Pro. I thought it was an interesting idea when I first heard about it – and still think it has some great uses – but now I get so many messages from people offering to “help me make billions of dollars per minute on autopilot with no products, selling, cash, or experience necessary!”.

    *Presses 9 to be removed*

    It’s crazy how 99% of people hate spammy behavior like your highlighting but result to the same BS when they try to market something like their business.

    Thanks for sharing, man!


    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      initially i was pretty pissed but after so many spam hits I know it’s that they can’t help themselves. I’ve found some really cool people behind those software tools that really just needed a mentor. If you will notice not many people who have no value and ONLY rely on tools quickly meet their business end. It’s sad because they were probably cool people but just misguided in their business direction.

  22. Monte says:

    Here’s one that somebody actually posted on my Facebook profile…

    “dude even thought we had a big fall out and he will probly tell you how horriably i am but check out J*** L***** AT MY********LEADS.COM YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED FOR OVER 20 YEARS I SEEN HIM MAKE PEOPLE MILLLIONS OF DOLLARS AND THATS THE TRUTH

    First of all, this guy doesn’t know how to spell, and second, nobody likes to get “puked on” their Facebook wall. I left it on there for others to view and hopefully they will see the humor in it as I did.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      i would remove ANY wall post that has a link. it’s free publicity from them. but all those man. it’s just sad. it’s only a matter of time before they just stop and quit.

      That is NOT how you market.

  23. Susan Tindale says:

    Hi Lawrence, couldn’t agree more. Here’s one I found in my inbox this morning (name removed). Even if the “spam” factor didn’t put me off, the terrible grammar – look at those full stops (periods) everywhere – certainly would!

    Hello susan.tindale,

    When you start an i.nternet marketin.g bu.siness, you often do not know which way to turn.

    You hear so many seemingly great ideas, but implementing them can be frustrating and a chore.

    Each day, you wake up feeling like

    you are flailing in a hundred directions.

    Should you write articles today?

    Build a website?

    How about keyword research?

    It can become a challenge to get

    yourself to stay on task!

    List building is one of those “must do” things on every inte.rnet m.arketer’s daily task outline.

    You’ve heard it said a thousand times,

    ” rel=”nofollow”>

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      as much as you want to help…. they need so much more

  24. Lawrence Tam says:

    yeah that is just odd. who types like that?

  25. Lawrence Tam says:

    great one!

    generally you see this for the newbies who have no other way to reach out. I can’t really fault them. That’s their ONLY method online to recruit. what is sad is that they get the people who are “leaches” and do nothing. not a type of business that grows or duplicates.

    1. MLM WALL says:

      in some ways, if you are making money off of other people in exchange for teaching them exactly what you do (no leverage/non mlm), then you don’t really want them to be successful. Otherwise, you train your competition.

      When you are selling “get rich secrets pressing a button”, you want the losers/leaches that pay promptly but then take no action because there is work involved.


      1. Lawrence Tam says:

        i guess you haven’t seen why I’m #1 in Empower Network and qualified for a BMW in 20min in Visalus… can’t can’t be from “NOT teaching”…. why not take a look at the people lining up wanting to learn from me 😉

  26. Monte says:

    Here’s one I got just today!

    “On that page all your need to do is submit your
    name and email address..

    then you will be asked for a username and password
    and then you have LOCKED yourself in on the early
    bird list for this MASSIVE launch!!

    Listen.. this is why this is going to be so AMAZING…

    I have really hooked you up here!!

    I just got off the phone with my good friend
    J*** T****** and boy have I hooked you up!!

    If you do not have time to read this email take two
    seconds and get in on the VERY top of this MLM
    with me!”

    Sometimes I like to imagine the late Billy Mays’ voice saying these type of e-mails.

  27. Lawrence Tam says:

    the stuff is hilarious. I have calender reminders to speak with some that have talent but are so poorly taught in network marketing methods. I mean i got literally so many from efusjon members that it’s no wonder they didn’t build their own list.

    it’s a great learning platform to NOT do what their doing but what is awesome I use it to learn about new companies that have no chance. I mean some of these companies are dead in the water and perfect time for me to educate and lift some of them into learning HOW to make it online/offline.

  28. Lawrence Tam says:

    you gotta be careful with the make it or break it mentality. You want to build a thriving business sponsoring a lot of people while teaching your team how to do smaller bit sized chunks of what you do.

    Alienating your friends and family isn’t a good start but going about a business where you are shooting into the sky in hopes to hit a duck isn’t a very good business model.

    I’m all for hoping to snag a leader but in what bizzaro world would an established rep with a thriving downline and online list would bite on an email that give NO value?

    You gotta remember, network marketing starts with networking. If you are marketing outside your personal list you better be prepared to bring value in helping them and not just your own wallet.

  29. Catherine Allen says:

    Oh amen amen……….I have pages full of these on FB and get 200 emails a day of the same.

    Catherine Allen

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      share the love and copy paste it here!

  30. Dpmequityventures says:

    I am sure most of us have received them or similar. I agree it is amateur marketing. But if we try everything is it not the intention to bring in new business and mentor it. The ones I dislike are the people who do not even respond when you ask a question. But you have to take that first step and if someone bites on it that person might end up being the next Dillard or Tam.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      share the love, what do you have in your stash?

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