1) Get A Marketing System

The purpose of a marketing system is to “leverage time”. Being able to build a business part time and from home when you first start out must come from using a system that allows you to learn AND focus on building this system or… funnel.

  • I use Empower as a “funded proposal” to attract lead. ->  Go Here
  • What is a Funded Proposal? Here is a good example and explanation -> Go Here

2) Build A Blog

  • Starter – Use Empower's -> Go Here
  • Advanced
    • Get A Host (Own Your Site) -> Go Here
    • Get A Domain (Own Your Website Name) -> Go Here
    • How To The Blog Together -> Go Here

3) What To Do With Those Customers/Leads?

● Capture email information so you can market to them repeatedly over time.
● New Customer vs Repeat Customer Cost
● Use AutoResponder To send Automatic Emails -> Go Here
● Monetize list by providing solutions to your customers



Recommend Tools:

1. Mindset and Understanding Attraction marketing (you can never have enough mindset training)

2. Keyword Research (pick the one that works best for you)

  1. SeCockpit (what I use extensively)
  2. Market Samurai
  3. Google Keyword Tool


Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam