To Claim Your Fast Action Bonuses
Call Traci Reuter at 224-325-4767
and Email here at [email protected]


Bonus #1 – 30 min Call With Lawrence Tam the #1 Income Earner In Empower Network (Value $500)

Lawrence Tam's time is worth $1,000/hr for personal coaching. Lawrence Tam is going to allow you to hop on a call that he does for personal clients and here is how it goes.

You have a NO HOLDS BAR 30min conference opportunity to get on the phone and speak with Lawrence Tam to dive into his mind and get thousands of dollars of value out…. think of it as downloading a bit of Lawrence in 30min.

Bonus #2 – Lawrence Tam's Personal Welcome Email ($97 value)

This welcome email is the one Lawrence Tam sends his personal team members. This email in particular is unique because of getting JUST the email your going to get the template he is using and tweaking. So you will have FULL access to the most CURRENT email is he using vs just the email he sent xyz months ago.

The welcome email is like a first impression. Most signups that come through the empower network see the sales funnel but do NOT know who you are. This welcome email is like saying “Hello” for the first time to your new team member.

Bonus #3 – Lunch and Learn With Toby and Layla Black with Lawrence Tam Who Have Over $700k In Empower Commissions (Value = Priceless)

Our last event went from 30 people in my room to over 300 people in San Diego. We had countless people say that our event was worth the ENTIRE TRIP… and they haven't even gone to the main empower event yet…

This is what we mean by over delivering and giving back to our teams.

This was more of a teaching seminar that had food at the end… This time we are doing a LUNCH and LEARN.

So wanna learn from Toby/Layla Black and Lawrence Tam who have pulled over $700,000 and 1,000 personal signups into Empower Network?

Only way you can attend is if you are PRESENT.


Bonus #4 – One Time Chance To Be In Our Team Video (Value = Priceless)

 We are going to be building a TEAM video. You MUST be in this team video.This team video will be used in our capture pages and welcome emails for conversion upgrades.We will be building this out so YOU can be part of a team that you then send to your leads to build a relationship with.If you miss this opportunity you will be KICKING yourself in the buttfor not getting filmed and put into team video.

Bonus #5 – Share This With Your Team (Value = Priceless)

You will want to share this to your team as we want THEM in our videos, in our calls, and at our lunch in.

WE will be sitting in groups at the event, WE will be hanging out and networking.

Leverage Lawrence Tam to helping you build a culture in your own team until you pick up the torch and run with it.

To Claim Your Fast Action Bonuses
Call Traci Reuter at 224-325-4767
and Email here at [email protected]