Instagram Managed Traffic 5 Accounts For Mason Romero

What you get:

A funnel coaching sessions from Lawrence Tam, the #1 Earner to help you with Mobile Traffic
An Instagram Account growing by 1,000 – 3,000 new followers a month (you will own it).
– We manage the traffic generation of the 5 IG Accounts so you can focus elsewhere


5 accounts = $100/month
*previous coaching discount.(normal price is $47/account/month)


– smart phone, tablet, or iPad. (computer can’t post photos)
– 1 hour a week or less (posting photos are easy)
– Instagram app
– optional – wordswag (to make image quotes) and regram if you want to reuse images
– setup new account, and I’ll need password to access it

Big Idea:

I help you build an Instagram account that grows by 1,000 – 3,000 NEW followers in a niche per month.
So you can market to and generate leads and sales from by being an “authority” in that niche. (save time, headaches, money)

I run the technical part (hosting, proxy, bot, follow, unfollow, like)

YOU post 1-2 photos a week with descriptions and hashtags (8-13), manage comments, block spam

WHY I Do this:

– To help you skip the technical hurdle, the daily maintenance of growth
– I have my own server, custom setups that grow faster than any setup


I will need – Steps Below

1) You create instagram account BASED around a SINGLE niche (will need your username and password)
2) The account name should incorporate a KEYWORD in that niche
ex: golf, account name could be golfclubfan
“golfclub” being the keyword you are trying to hit
And try to keep it short and easy to spell. In the future people will tag you so if it’s super long people will miss spell your username
To figure out a good traffic keyword
a.Go to (on computer is easier)
b. Don’t log in
c. Use their free search bar
d. Put in your desired keyword
e. Is there at least 10,000 photos or more? If not it’s a small keyword and probably not worth ranking for
2a) Find me 5-10 Big/Popular HashTags in your Niche (send to me)
If your niche is Golf – Golf is a HUGE hashtag
To figure out a good hashtags
a.Go to (on computer or phone/tablet)
b. Use their free search bar
c. Put in your desired keyword
d. Is there at least 100,000 (100k) media or more? If not it’s a small keyword and probably not worth ranking for
e. is it specific to your niche or close enough to it?
What this means is there are at least 100,000 photos/videos on instagram that have THAT hashtag in their photo.
My software will be hunting down these OTHER hashtags to connect to you.
3) 10 Big Instagram Account Users In Your Niche (Minimum 10k followers)
GOOGLE “best instagram “YOUR NICHE”
ex: Google – “Best Instagram chef”
“Best instagram cars”
“Best Instagram watches”
Goal is to find a niche with BIG accounts (over 20k followers or even over 500k)
Send me 10 BIG accounts in that niche.. I will be FOLLOWING their followers. so they need BIG accounts to follow.
about 10% of their followers will follow YOUR account in the same niche
the more rabid, crazy, in love these people are in this niche… the FASTER your account will grow
Think about Golf vs DVD. People LOVE Golf… DVD is too general and people don’t really love it.
Harry Potter vs Pen. People LOVE Harry Potter ?
Send it to me like this
10 Big Accounts
account name – follower count
Progressive_calisthenics – 465k followers
Twobadbodies – 352k followers
Af85 – 308k followers
Nohlsen – 266k followers
This helps me quickly see the accounts and their size (you do the research, I do the heavy lifting down the road)
4) Setup Account with 12 Initial photos (only for NEW accounts)
Post 12 photos over a day (not all at one time) based on what people in that niche would like to see on instagram
30-50% of the photo should be with you in it (we are branding you)
These 12 will help launch your account
these photos should have 4-5 hashtags on them with a description 1-2 sentences that match the image in your niche
5) photos should have a description and 4-6 hashtags that are related to niche and photo
6) do NOT put a website url yet (not until you are getting 100+ likes per photo uploaded). when you get 100+ likes a photo, Contact me ASAP… we about to add a link and bridge video.
7) your profile write something to engage your audience without selling (we will add a website link in 2-3 weeks)
8) Profile picture of YOU in the niche (if cooking.. image of you cooking, if golf, you with a golf club).
we are branding you or your specific topic in that niche
9) an example of a niche account that i have – retiredengineer33 and newrepsnow
10) How a niche works to build and make you money. Think Oprah Marketing
Think Oprah. She can Sell “Ford Cars or Frito Chips”. I’m going to BRAND you in that niche. People will Love following your content and you will have thousands of people who are WARM (they know you and want to get closer to you). about 5-10% over time will want to learn from you, do business with you JUST because you are popular.
Think Oprah. She can sell whatever she likes. That’s where I want to get you on your Account.
11) To maintain this account I’m working with you 
-post 1-2 photos (different days) in a week, with description and 10+ tags IN your niche
-you remove bad comments
– block spammers
– answer direct messages
– NEVER like/follow/unfollow anyone – I repeat. DO NOT DO THIS OR YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BREAK
With anything with automation and social media there are always risks of being “slapped” but in terms of marketing it’s worth the risk if I can build it with you and teach you how to run an account then later YOU scale it out with multiple accounts
PPS. Don’t have a clue about how instagram works? Youtube it, google it, Instagram help files. It’s not hard.
**Most important so you don’t get your account “slapped”.
Do NOT LIKE, Follow, Unfollow anyone through this specific account. I will be doing that activity. If you do, you have a HIGH chance this account gets banned and Destroyed.


1) Give me your username/password for this NEW account (if password changes you have to tell me) (security text, tell me)

2) 12 photos + descriptions on each + 4-6 hashtags on each (if new account)

3) your account is NOT marked as “private”

4) your instagram profile -> talking to your core niche audience

5) NO url listed (not until you are getting 100+ likes a photo)

6) good profile image of you (people like people)

7) 10+ accounts in your niche with at LEAST 10,000 fans each (This is critical to have a LARGE audience to market to) (send me the 10 instagram usernames)

8) 5-10 BIG hashtags in your niche (send to me)

9) Keep in touch with me on findings, and what’s growing and working

10) Give me a testimonial if you are happy with the service 😉

What to expect (The follow and unfollow process to 7,500 people you follow)
– You will generate about 30-200+ new Followers a day (these are REAL people in your niche)
– When you get to about 7,500 people you follow (my software does it) the NEXT phase kicks in… the UNFOLLOW phase (I save you time)
– The unfollow phase grows much slower in follower growth, it’s expected.
– My software will be UNFOLLOWING people for you.. you will see your account start to FOLLOW less and less people (this is the process)
– Eventually when you get to less than YOU following less than 500 people, I flip the switch again and I start following your NICHE accounts again and you should again start to see 30-100 NEW followers added a day
– This is they cycle, My software follows up to 7,500 people, then it switches to unfollowing them. You just keep posting a minimum of 1-2 photos a week then when you start getting 100+  likes on your photos let me know so we can add a website to your profile to drive traffic off of instagram into your blogs, capture pages, or your Facebook