"I'm Not A Salesman... My Mom Even Told Me No...."

You don't need to be a sales professional or have a business degree to build a life outside of a boring career.

You don't have to build a business exclusively selling to friends & family. Being part of the NFL "No Friends Left" is terrible. I'll show you what I did to personally to get around this. It's a stepping stone to your long term goal... not your ONLY audience you should be marekting to...let me explain.

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want.

- Zig Ziglar -

You get the feeling that building your side income shouldn't have been this hard. 

You aren't trying to get stinking rich, but just create a side income that continues to grow and grow to give you some breathing room.

Then why aren't you making the money you want on your "side hustle" but others are? Why do some succeed, but it seems like you can never seem to break through? 

Does this scenario sound familiar? 

My first couple businesses failed and I kept telling myself:

1) The product/service wasn't the best and that's why I failed 2) The sponsor who was teaching me didn't teach me well enough (didn't hold my hand) 3) I ran out of people to talk to and my friends and family wasn't enough to sustain growth

All of those were excuses....

I'll explain but let's figure out how it might not be your fault (sigh of relief)

What if your past failures in business were not all your fault?

20% Of New Businesses Survive Past Their First (1st) year

Roughly 20% of new businesses make it out alive in their first year.

Social media has changed how business is done but you still haven't figure out how to use it for sales. (new sales channels)

Historically, new businesses don't make it because they all lack the same things. (new prospects, new channels) 

You don't have a large circle of influence and ran out of people to talk to about your product/service. (marketing issues, no expansion)

Why The Struggle?

Lots of factors will play into the fall of a side business but nothing solves a slow or dying business like....

 That's where all of the issues are coming from.

1) No new prospects => no new customers 2) Spending way to much ON the business and not enough in bringing attention TO your business. 3) Spending too much time learning and not enough "doing" when it comes to generating new customers. 

The #1 Trick to Keeping Your Business Growing 

Has a constant stream of new people entering your life through personal referrals, new relationships, and social media exposure.

Busness Owner A 

Only talks to current friends, family, and co-workers. Once that is done, they go back to the top of the list of contacts to sell again.

Business Owner B 

Which Business Owner (A or B) Has a Better Chance Of Surviving?

*Hint: It's not B, but unfortunately that is the most common way people build their side business. They blame everything except blaming the root cause which is not having new daily people see their product/service. The audience building process.

In a way it's not your fault if you are Business Owner B. 

No one teaches how to expand past your warm marketers of friends and family.

It's the opposite of the NFL "No Friends Left". 

What if you had a never ending supply of new friends and family. Could your business finally get some growth? 

If you constantly had 500-2,000+ new people seeing you, your content, your social media posts, your business.....

More eyeballs on your products/services = higher chance of making a sale -> Your business growing.

Audience Growth

The ability to reach more people. Every day. Day In and Day Out

This is the key and why it really wasn't your fault. (partially though, you can't be completely blameless. As a business owner you must take ownership of not knowing. But that can all change with a bit of education and what I'll show you.)

-No one told you how to daily increase your Audience. Available pool of people to attract customers from. -No one trained you on how to get more people to see your product/service daily, even if they don't know your name. -No one explained to you that a business needs to expand past your friends and family and how to do that (not just referrals). -No on showed you how to do this 24/7 even if you only had 5 hours a week to work on your business. 

Until now.... Let me share with you my secret

My FI(RE) story: Lawrence Tam Sugar Land, TX  

2007 - My dad (immigrant from Hong Kong, with strong beliefs in education and financial freedom) sits me down and tells me that my Engineering job isn't going to get my family (wife and 2 kids at the time) financially free. I needed to start a side business and one specifically in sales. I start my first network marketing side hustle and burn through my "friends and family". I got frustrated and quit promotion.

2009 - My biggest issue was not being able to generate new sales from people I didn't already know. I needed to learn "marketing" which would put me in front of more of my core prospects daily without me chasing them.

2012 - I make it big. This is my first major taste of FI(RE). I figured out a couple ways to generate "web traffic" that I could do part time when the kids were asleep. I was making enough at this point to officially retire from Engineering (12 years in Mechanical Engineering). 

2015 - The year social media changed our business and the way we educate and engage with prospects. Social Media Marketing specifically through Facebook and Instagram became a huge source of new sales. 

2018 - We generated over 2,000,000+ million Instagram followers that we manage for clients. Our technical staff handles over 100+ accounts on Instagram. 

FI = Financial Independence

(RE) = Retire Early

FI(RE) = Growing side income past my job without working more hours. Leaving Engineering and never going back.

Crash Course On Increasing "Eyeballs" On Your Business 

The idea is simple. More "eyeballs" on your business = the higher the chance you will connect and generate a new customer. It's always referred to as a "numbers game". 

If you can generate enough interest you can generate more sales

"Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours."

- How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

  • Engaging with NEW people daily If you are only talking to the SAME people about your business/services then you are too directly tied to referral based sales (which aren't bad), but you will run out of new prospects quickly. Waiting for a referral as a consistent sales process is not a good idea. 
  • Building rapport with your prospects 24/7 Regardless if you are at dinner or at your day job, you should have a process to engage with your prospects even when you are NOT at the office working. Simple system would be an Instagram profile with a link in the bio that directs your guests to more information.
  • Talking to the Right people more than just talking to everyone The saying goes - "If you market to everyone, you actually market to no one" . Your process should be focused on talking to more of your ideal customer vs just someone breathing. One way to do this is specifically targeting groups of people who have a high chance of engagement with your Instagram photos, bio, and profile.
  • Organically be found by strangers (free customers) This is harder to explain if you have never sold to a complete stranger before. The idea is that you can be found on social media, Google, and especially Instagram if you are highly visable. One way to do this is RANKING for specific hashtags. To be found on the Instagram top 9 Popular Post (top posts) you will be found by your ideal prospect searching for that hashtag. 
  • Be an authority in the eyes of your future prospects When someone finds your account and you have 800 posts but only 200 followers, what do you think the first thing they are thinking about your Instagram account? (It's not favorable, but more so you have no authority in the space you are posting in.) If you were a "big deal" you would have a lot more people following you (think social currency and authority). The more followers you have the higher the chance you can reach more people and this is gained due to trust. So first impressions do matter if you don't have the followers then be prepared to have future prospects to instantly write you off as insignificant if you are smaller than them. (sad but true)

Sounds Complicated But It's Not

 Personally use a combination of Facebook and Instagram.  

For our best partners we teach Instagram with results like this pictured below.

- Single Mom - No Experience - No social media authority - 1 day can get 50 comments 

- Retired NASA Pilot - No marketing experience - Never sold online before - High engagement on daily basis 

Instagram + Facebook Has Changed The Landscape of Working Your "Side Hustle"

Here are 2 examples of Instagram accounts I've built from scratch to help 2 "newbies" in social media marketing.

The goal is simple: Make it ultra easy and simple to allowing them to build their business from the comfort of their home.  

Wanna know how I can help you implement this same process?

3 Simple Requirements To Success

Step 1: Follow Directions

Step 2: Have access to Facebook and Instagram

Step 3: Work with me specifically to build a custom plan (Be coachable) 

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