Infiniti M35 Black Obsidian- Daddy Got a New Ride :)

I wanted to say thanks for all of those who have helped me along this journey of network marketing and affiliate marketing. I could not have gotten to where I am today without mentorship and working with those of like mind.

I have upgraded my ride and I'm very happy with my Infiniti M35 Black Obsidian.

Like the saying goes, your job is what you do for a living but your business is where you build your life. My life entails many things up to this point but it's time to upgrade from my college Mitsu that has lasted me 10+ years.

With 2x the Horsepower that I'm used to, my little nate sure loves it 😉

Work towards goals as Thoughts are Things so keep moving forward.

Numis Network has been awesome to me. If you want to experience what a I've been through with Numis Network Log in Below.

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

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28 thoughts on “Infiniti M35 Black Obsidian- Daddy Got a New Ride :)

  1. Lawrence Tam says:

    i love the look of the g35 coupe but the wife wanted 4 doors so i went up to the m35. both are great cars. the g37 i drove around had some serious zip to it.

  2. smcmrk says:

    Lawrence, Wow!

    I have a black G35 but I think you have me beat with the M! Nice…

  3. Congratulations dude… Nice car. Thanks for your leadership!

  4. David C says:


  5. andreapetoskey says:


    Awesome video (and car!!!).

    Congrats! You are a great leader!

    ~Andie Petoskey

  6. Lawrence Tam says:

    stay focused. If you never win the small battles you can't ever win the bigger ones. Like those with four wheels that go vroooooom

  7. shermansmith says:

    Congratulations Lawrence!! It gives me inspiration


  8. steveshoemaker says:

    It's the Lawrence Tam show and I like what I see. Congrats man!

    Steve Shoemaker

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