How To Start A Website From Scratch P3 – Own It


Start A Website – Ownership is a Must

I understand there is a place for renting or say “leasing” your property. What if I could tell you that owning isn’t much more in terms of financial investment. If money wasn’t much more, everyone would rather own then rent, right?

That type of mindset needs to drive home that you want to OWN your hard work.

It’s one thing to say you don’t want to spend money on a side project but what’s the point of spending time on a project that can be closed down due to NOT owning it?

Own the site and any time spent on it can be yours for peanuts.


I would first say your ideas need to come from something out of love so let’s start a website with love.

When your ready for the formal training and technical setup of being able to start a website properly go ahead and click the banner below.

start a website from scratch

Full Training Parts To Build A Website From Scratch

  1. Build A Website From Scratch Part 1 – Intro
  2. Build A Website From Scratch Part 2 – Ideas
  3. Build A Website From Scratch Part 3 – Own It
  4. Build A Website From Scratch Part 4 – Reasons

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